About Us

Sketchy Guys is a small collective of independent artists selling apparel and prints of our original designs right to you. All products are made-to-order through Printful, a print-on-demand company whose products have been praised by experienced online reviewers.

When you shop at Sketchy Guys, you’re directly supporting the artist you buy from. You’re probably only here because you met one of us at a show or through social media. You liked the cut of our jib, and we handed you a card. Now you’re here, and we hope you like what you see. More than that, we hope you like what you leave with.

Some things are better with age

Take a look at your favorite tee shirt. If you didn’t get it from a thrift store, it was probably an impulse buy at a Wal Mart or a Target or something like that. You probably never noticed how faded and cracked it is by now, because you’ve never cared. You love that damn shirt so much, you’ll wear it until it rips, and even then, you might wear it some more. That shirt was probably screen-printed because the company that owns the design pre-ordered tens of thousands at once.

Print-on-demand shirts are made using a slightly different process called Direct-to-Garment printing. This means they can be created and shipped one at a time, but it also means prints on colored apparel (including black) might not stand quite the same amount of abuse your favorite shirts have. Eventually, they’ll start to crack and crumble in the same ways, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still look good, or remind you of all the good memories you created while wearing them. It just means that when you get a print-on-demand product, you should treat it with a little more care than usual to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

China Green Elvis modeling the Biff 757 DerpStar Red Tee in maroon (Unisex Bella + Canvas 3001)

Get white, get it right

Biff 757 MadStar Yellow Raglan (Tultex 245)

If you absolutely positively want a print that will last a lifetime, the designs on white fabric are printed right into the cloth, so you can be sure there will never be any flaking – ever. Stretch it, beat it, run over it with a car; it’s not going anywhere.

As for the colors, we’ve put our shirts from Printful through some stress-testing, and we’re satisfied to offer them for sale. Some companies do cheap and shoddy jobs that start to peel literally after the first wash. Not the case here. These things should hold up through plenty of cycles; we just suggest you stink them up a little more than usual before tossing them in the laundry… and try not to take too many punches to the gut while wearing them.

Different strokes for different strokers

The two main tee-shirts our prints are on are the Unisex Bella + Canvas 3001 and the Men’s Gildan 5000. The Bella + Canvas is a lightweight, stretchy, form-fitting shirt that’s super-comfortable to wear for guys and girls. The Gildan is your basic tee shirt; sturdier, but still comfortable as far as shirts go. Some people like one, some people like the other. We’re happy if you’re happy.

The shirts are pre-shrunk and sizes run one down on the small side (Elvis, pictured above at 5’11 and 220 lbs) usually wears a medium in store-bought shirts but the large-size is what fits him. Whether or not you think he looks good in it is your call. Feel free to judge him.

See the full sizing charts here.


Just send an e-mail to sketchyguys@intarwebz.net and we’ll try to get back to you.